What do you accept for consignment?

We accept a wide array of brands ranging from contemporary to high-end. We are interested in items which have the potential to sell for greater than $50 in the resale marketplace based on recent sales of similar items. We happily accept some specialty items without designer labels (e.g. fine jewelry, furs). Please see our comprehensive list for more information on what items/brands we are able to accept.

 What are the benefits of consigning items with Style Haute rather than selling them myself?

With over a decade of experience in luxury resale under our belts, we have established a reputation that has earned the trust of clients and customers worldwide. Our expertly trained staff takes utmost care in delivering our authenticity guarantee. Every item consigned through our services receives a description of its desirable features and detailed measurements, a set of professional photographs, and worldwide exposure through online promotion. We manage all communication with buyers and interested parties, and we package and ship all orders from our office.

What makes us different from our competition?

We make your life easy.  Most of the time, we make payment immediately upon receiving your item(s) and our customers love that.  Our offer price is inclusive of all listing & professional photography fees, credit card fees, and shipping & handling costs.  We do offer consignment in special cases, especially with unique or rare high valued items. 

Most companies will pay a percentage of the selling price after the item sells.  At times, this process can take up to years.  Working with us will avoid regular back and forth contact with regards to price, price offers & reductions, customer requests, payments, etc.

What is your process for authentication?

Each item undergoes a meticulous in-house authentication process during which our expertly trained professionals verify markings and codes, heat stamps, quality of fabrication, hardware, and lining.

Style Haute reserves the right to decline any merchandise that does not meet authenticity standards or comply with the standards outlined by the marketplace, as we do not accept any counterfeit items. We offer our full compliance with brands seeking to identify counterfeit products and their sources, providing those brands with contact information of consignors who have violated our contract by consigning disingenuous goods.


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